Las Vegas, NV 89144- Computer Recycling & Disposal Clark County
Why Pay? Many computer equipment and business
machinery can be pick up for free (large amounts).  If you
have a large amount of computers and other equipment
and it's easily accessible you may qualify for a free pick
up.  Reclaim space by recycling old used computer and
electronics from your home or business.   
Cleaning out your office or business or office?  Make room by recycling your
old computer equipment.  We provide commercial and residential recycling
collection services.  Many items from your home or business can be
recycled for free or for a low fee.  If you have a large amount of machinery
or computer equipment you may qualify for a free pick up.  Small amounts
may be charged a small fee.  Call us for Las Vegas, NV computer recycling
and disposal.  We offer pick ups of outdated: desktop & laptop computers,
servers, battery backups, copiers, power supplies, cell phones, and much
more,  Schedule a pick up or bring your items to our recycling center.
We Can Pick Up From Your Location - Home
Want To Recycle Outdated Equipment?  
Free Computer Equipment Pick Up- Las Vegas, NV
Save A Trip To The Recycling Center!
We can save you time locating and hauling equipment to a recycling drop
off location.  We have recycling collection services for Las Vegas, NV
89129 and Clark County commercial and residential customers.  We clean
out scrap metal and outdated electronics from local businesses,
homeowners, retail locations, property managers, factories and
manufacturing facilities.  Save a trip to the recycling center.  You don't
have to waste time and gas trying to find a recycling drop off location.  We
can come to you.  
We have computer recycling collection
services in your area.  Recycle old
computers for free. Schedule a pick up of
all your outdated business machinery or
drop your equipment off at our Las Vegas
recycling center.
Don't forget to include your unwanted
computer wires, extension cords, cables,
copper wiring, chargers, and unused
power strips.  Recycle them with all your
other electronics.  We have recycling
collections in your area.
Cleaning out you office or business?  If
you have large amounts of computer
equipment and data servers we can
come pick up many of your items for
free.  Just make your items easily
accessible.  Call for details.
Desktop Computer Disposal
Las Vegas, NV
Computer Equipment & Servers
Las Vegas, NV
Computer Cables & Wiring
Las Vegas, NV
Have old batteries and computer power
supplies to dispose of?  We provide
disposal of all your computer components
recycle old battery back ups, power
supply and car / auto battery recycling.
Power Supply & Battery Back Ups
Las Vegas, NV
Don't know where to take your outdated
laptops and tablet?  Gather together all
your laptops, tablets, cell phones, and
more.  We recycle: kindles, ipads,
iphones, android phones, tablets.  
Schedule an appointment.
Computer Equipment Pick Up
Las Vegas, NV
Here's are just some of the items we pick up: computers, laptops, PCs,
stereo equipment, printers, photocopiers, fax machines, servers, cell
phones, machinery, DVD players, home entertainment systems, and more.  
Please make sure your items are made easily accessible.
Free Secure Data Desturction Services Provided
PAK- Environmental destroys all data from your used computer
equipment. Hard drives are removed and securely erased at a level
exceeding industry standards.  Equipment will then be disassembled and
recycled for precious metals.
Las Vegas, NV- Electronics Recycling
photocopier, computer, stereo equipment, machine, printer
Las Vegas, NV- Computer Collection
desktop computer, laptop, PCs- Don't drop off we pick up.
Las Vegas, NV- Recycle Stereo Equipment
receivers, speakers, turntables, stereos equipment, DVD
Las Vegas, NV- Computer Equip. Disposal
server, power supply, tablet, cell phone, battery back up
Recycle Old Laptop & Tablets
Las Vegas, NV
Why Drop Off Computers Equipment? Call for computer collection services
Free Computer & Scrap Metal Pick Up(large load) / Electronics Drop Off Location
Las Vegas, NV 89101 Clark County
Free Pick Ups Depend On Scrap Price(Small Amounts May Be Charged)
- Items Must Be Easy To Access (garage / lobby / dock)
- Sorry We're We Don't Accept CRT OR Rear Projection Television.
Cell Phone Recycling & Disposal
Las Vegas, NV
Don't know where to take your old cell
phones?  Put them with your other
electronics you need recycled.  We pick
up: used cell phones, androids, iphones,
ipads, tablets, and more. Schedule an
appointment for pick up today.
Recycle all your unwanted scrap metal, outdated machinery,
tool, and electronics equipment from your business and
homes.  We provide commercial and residential recycling
collection for Clark County.
Las Vegas, NV- Scrap Metal & Machinery-
manufacturing, factory, office, and tool disposal.
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Free Scrap Metal & Electronics Pick Ups(Larger Loads) Small Amounts May Be Charged
Free Pick Ups Depend On The Amount Of Items You Have & Current Scrap Metal Prices
Sorry We Don't
Take CRT TVs Or
Rear Projection TVs
We can no longer accept
CRT and rear projection
television sets.  
Recycle your unwanted computer and electronics at our recycling
center location-
3060 North Nellis BLVD Las Vegas, NV.